Bliss & Skeen team — Financial planning in Olympia, WA

Meet the Team

John Skeen, CPA — Financial planning in Olympia, WA

John Skeen, CPA

Bean Counter, Number Cruncher, Tax Geek. All nicknames I come by honestly. I grew up in the world of business and taxes. My parents started this firm when I was 13 years old. I am not sure what other families talk about at the dinner table. But at mine, it was inventory turnover, days in accounts receivable, pricing, staffing, and taxes. My career has provided me with great opportunities to use that early learning. Since graduating from BYU, I have worked with big companies, little companies, private ones, and publicly held ones; climbing from bookkeeper to CFO. Every job had the primary goal of either increasing profits, or decreasing taxation. It's still what I do today. I want my business, individual, trust, and estate clients to pay what they owe, but not a penny more.
Jaime Tuttle, CPA — Financial planning in Olympia, WA

Jaime Tuttle, CPA

Albert Einstein once said, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." From my early years in Aberdeen, to my education at St. Martin's College (yes, I attended when it was still a college), to marrying and raising a family with my high school sweetheart Matt, to my career here at Bliss & Skeen, CPA's; I have kept moving forward. That progress has given me experience that is used to help my clients move forward today. From helping small businesses with their accounting and tax planning, to helping individuals navigate the ever-changing maze of tax laws, I love to help. In addition to serving as partner here, serving my clients, and serving on community boards, I am a mom to two beautiful children, Ashley and Jacob.